Chatter – Ep. 7 – Nov. 28, 2015


Share this love and compassion and kindness with everyone you encounter, even if you’re not really feeling up to it. If you’re as wracked with anxiety as I am when it comes to big holiday gatherings, know that other people probably are, too – and they might just be looking at you wishing they could move through the party as effortlessly as you appear to.

That’s right, you might be the person they wish they could be, even if you feel like you’re the outcast. So show a little grace to those around you, and they might just reciprocate.

No matter how weird you think you are, know that you’re not…and know, my fellow weirdo, that you are not alone. The above photo is proof enough that you can surround yourself with people who are just as different as you are, and those people can make all the difference. Be the difference for someone else this winter, and maybe you’ll realize that your individuality is something to be proud of.

ps – HUGE thanks for the new mic. It’s so much better than my last one. Thank you, darling ❤

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