Ladies Who Film – Ep. 9 – Dec. 16, 2015


It is becoming exceedingly difficult to make money as an independent filmmaker and content creator. Major studios make movies with nine-digit budgets. I make movies with a minor fraction of that amount.

But I can tell you this: aside from nerd favorites like things from the MCU and certain Star things, there aren’t a whole lot of studio films getting me all hot and bothered lately. Indie films, on the other hand, allow for a lot more creative freedom and, therefore, more interesting stories/characters/perspectives.

While I may never buy an island from the proceeds of my film career, I’m hopeful that I’ll soon find the balance between art and commerce that allows me the freedom to go visit my non-film friends’ private islands 😉

So make your art, live your dream – but understand that not all fairy tales come true.

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