Chatter – Ep. 16 – Jan. 30, 2016

COMPROMISE. Successful human interaction on any level – romantic, platonic, or otherwise – requires a certain amount of compromise and sacrifice. But there are limits. There need to be limits. You can’t give up everything you are and everything you want just to please someone else. So that’s what today’s podcast is all about: knowing […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 15 – Jan. 27, 2016

ACTUAL LADIES WHO ARE ACTUALLY FILMING. A very special, totally unedited, completely insane, entirely uncensored gabfest with two budding filmmakers who are taking a huge first step – they are making their first real short film, with real cast, and are REALLY passionate about their art. It’s so exciting to see these two smart young […]

Chatter – Ep. 15 – Jan. 23, 2015

Okay, no heading today. This episode is just two girls talking about men, drinking, and food. We talk about food a lot because…well, let’s be honest, two cis girls talking about the men they’ve known is far less interesting than two nerdy humans talking about food. And beyond all else, we are very nerdy humans […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 14 – Jan. 20, 2016

FREELANCE. There is nothing quite like knowing that you can choose to work only on the projects you believe in, or want to work on, or care about. That kind of freedom is invaluable. But with that freedom comes the harsh reality that there will be many, many months full of work but zero pay. […]

Chatter – Ep. 14 – Jan. 16, 2016

CROSSROADS. Relationships are hard, yo. And let me tell you, they can be even harder when you’re dating someone over a decade younger (or older) than you. I’ve seen things go horribly awry for my friends who seem perfectly matched in every way but age difference, and when we talk about it later, it becomes […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 13 – Jan. 13, 2016

WORK AS THERAPY.   Here’s the thing: this year has started out pretty rough for some us, personally as well as socially and professionally. I get it. It’s been hard. But the world keeps spinning and for some reason, other people expect you to keep going, too. So when you find yourself feeling like the […]

Chatter – Ep. 13 – Jan. 10, 2016

TALK DOWN THE CRAZY. And don’t let it infect the way you interact with – and react to – the world around you. Sometimes, y’all, there isn’t a nefarious plot to break your spirit. Sometimes people are just really busy. So before you fly off the handle at your bff/beau/mom/sister for ignoring you for six […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 12 – Jan. 7, 2016

EGO. Sometimes the biggest issue in a project is the size of someone’s ego. It can get in the way of forward motion, which can cause a project to fail. So maybe let’s put our egos aside and work toward the good of our projects instead of allowing our own feelings to hinder progress. ps […]

Chatter – Ep. 12 – Jan. 2, 2016

FRIENDS! Friends can make things better, and they can make things worse. Let the friends who love you and make your world brighter be the light you need to balance things out when you find yourself sitting in darkness. This year, I am going to remember a few things: 1) Be grateful for the people […]