Chatter – Ep. 12 – Jan. 2, 2016


Friends can make things better, and they can make things worse. Let the friends who love you and make your world brighter be the light you need to balance things out when you find yourself sitting in darkness.

This year, I am going to remember a few things:
1) Be grateful for the people and things in my life that are wonderful and beneficial to me;
2) Show my appreciation to the people who care about me and show me that their friendship is unconditional;
3) Express my respect and gratitude for the person I have become, and act accordingly so that others treat me the way I deserve.

These are the things I’ve learned from my friends – from all of you! – and I hope that you, too, will practice actions and thoughts that empower, embolden, and inspire you.

I love you, friends. Thank you for being my light in the darkness.

Happy New Year!

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