Chatter – Ep. 20 -Feb. 27, 2016

RELATIONSHIPS. Murky waters, these things we navigate on our quest for love or fulfillment. But I’m of the mind that the most successful relationships are between two whole people, people who know and love themselves because that’s how you can best give to and receive love from other people. Only when you are truly who […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 19 – Feb. 24, 2016

LIMITS. Know your own. Know others’. And don’t ever let someone try to make you go beyond yours if it’ll hurt you. Oh, and learn from my mistakes, y’all. I didn’t set limits for something, and I pay for it every day. Yeesh.

Chatter – Ep. 19 – Feb. 20, 2016

CREATIVITY. My dad says that there’s a solution to everything, you just need to be creative. He’s right. I don’t just mean you should be creative and paint or write or draw or sculpt. I mean, be creative in solving problems. Think of ways to get what you want/need/desire/require, because there’s a way – even […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 18 – Feb. 17, 2016

TIME. Listen, I know a lot of people don’t necessarily respect my time once I leave the office. They assume that I can just float around and wait for them to do things, and that I don’t actually need to sleep. Or do laundry. Or go to the grocery store. Or clean my room. But […]

Chatter – Ep. 18 – Feb. 13, 2016

FAVORITE THINGS. This weekend is full of some of my favorite things: nerdy events, alcohol, Girl Scout cookies, exceptional company, and…silence. I am currently sitting on a hotel bed, writing¬†a document for work, with no human interaction. It’s the little things – like being given the chance to just exist without having to be “on” […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 17 -Feb. 11, 2016

GRATITUDE. Guys, I am so happy right now. It’s weird, isn’t it – you work your whole life trying to get to a spot where you get paid to do something you love, and then when you get there, you look around and almost don’t know what to do with all the awesome. So take […]

Chatter – Ep. 17 – Feb. 6, 2016

KINDNESS. I’ve been meeting a lot of people for work lately, and the common thread that runs through each of these conversations is kindness…or the lack thereof. Some of the people I meet rise above their situations, some need a little help. But all of them could’ve benefited from having the support of just one […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 16 – Feb. 4, 2016

INSPIRATION. Wherever you are, anywhere you look, there are moments that can spark a thought – and some of those thoughts can turn into the inspiration you need to change your life and become who you truly want to be. So don’t ignore those tiny moments. Don’t live life passively. Allow yourself to think, and […]