Chatter – Ep. 21 – Mar. 5, 2016


I’ve discovered, over the course of my varied and often turbulent dating life, that learning and growing together is imperative to building a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

But this isn’t just about romantic love. The need for adventure and shared experiences extends to other types of relationships, and that has never been more apparent than this week, when I spent a lunch reconnecting with some far-flung family members over delicious food at a new-to-them restaurant.

We ate, we laughed, we bonded, we shared the kind of family love that I wish all of you could experience. We are so, so lucky to have each other, and with every new experience each of you has, I hope you remember how incredibly lucky you are, too.

To learning and laughing and living – and love!

Now get out there, share the love, make the magic, and let’s create a better world.

Photo credit to my favorite photographer ❤

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