WONDERCON Chatter – Ep. 24 – Mar. 27, 2016


Lord have mercy, y’all. I’m spending my weekend with a bunch of nerds, and I couldn’t be happier. However, I have one little gripe: I hear people saying that if you’re a cute girl and your cosplay is in any way inaccurate, there’s some negativity coming your way. Why? Probably because people assume that if you’re cute, you’re somehow either not a true nerd, or you are obligated to step it up in the cosplay department.

How about no. No, I am not required to be super screen accurate just because I’m vaguely conventionally attractive. I am only required to wear what makes me happy, what makes me feel comfortable, what makes me feel like me – for ME, and not for anyone else.

Remember that, my darlings. Your self-expression is literally FOR YOURSELF and no one else. That’s why it’s called self-expression.

So get out there and be whoever you want to be!

ps – the above photo is of me, playing…me. Kung Pao Kimmie. Feel free to rock that, too!

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