Chatter – Ep. 24, pt. 1 – Mar. 26, 2016




I met a kid the other day who moved out here from NYC a month ago. He doesn’t know a soul out here except the people at the job he moved here for, and he left the dude he’d been seeing, and I applaud him for making the move. But here’s the thing – he knows next to nothing about this town because he’s terrified of going off his normal home-work-gym route. The best way to know a city is to know the people, so I think he needs to make some new friends.

Yes:  I am telling you to walk away from your laptop, go outside, and make a new friend. Maybe it’s a doggie friend, maybe it’s a person at the gym who helps you out, maybe it’s a group of people you meet with whom you immediately click.

But get out there and meet new people. Expand your tribe, broaden your horizons, and find people who will accept you for all your awesomeness.




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