Ladies Who Film – Ep. 25 – Apr. 6, 2016


Greek roots: malakós, meaning “soft,” and óstrakon, meaning “shell.” Though the shells of this class of crustaceans is only soft directly after molting, the name works well on many levels to describe the film that my guest, Charlie Pieper – the first male EVER to appear on a Kung Pao Kimmie Media podcast – talks about with me on this episode of Ladies Who Film.

I know, this is a podcast about women who make movies. Well, Charlie has assembled a team of women (myself included) who are helping steer this ship because he wanted balance. The film is told through the eyes of the male protagonist, deeply flawed and lightyears behind his wife in terms of maturity and rational thought.

So it behooves Charlie and the rest of the team to make sure that the woman in this film is seen as a real, relatable person, and avoid painting her as a caricature of wifehood. That’s where our incredible team of female creatives comes into play, and are going to ensure that this film contains the sensitivity and logic needed to create a deeply disturbing but engaging piece of cinematic art.


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