Ladies Who Film – Ep. 30 – June 2, 2016


No matter what your job is, or where you work, you will encounter people who challenge your sanity with their unprofessional behavior.

That’s going to happen, and sometimes…sometimes all you can do is smile through your frustration and learn from their mistakes.

Whether it’s a coworker who fails to do her job to the extent that it affects your ability to do your job, or a partner who can’t handle personal rejection, or a teammate whose ego supersedes the growth and protection of your collective brand, it behooves you – it behooves all of us – to rise above the fray and be even more fully the professionals we are. Not just because that’s how we roll, my darlings, but because that’s how we compensate for the shortcomings of others and shine even brighter.

YOU are wonderful, intelligent, creative, and professional. So don’t ever let anyone else’s inability to comport themselves with grace and poise get the better of you.


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