As Seen on Facebook: Breakfast Bread Bowls

We’ve all seen them. They’re ubiquitous. Everyone has at least one friend who reposts those highly addictive, incredibly hypnotic food videos – whether they’re Tasty, Tastemade, Eat This Now, or any number of similar, we see them every day. Tasty’s Breakfast Bread Bowl caught my boyfriend’s eye, so we set to work building our own […]

Neighborhood Eats: Work Lunches – South Bay

I work at a production company located in the South Bay, just a few miles from the beach and on a stretch of a main street populated mostly by office buildings and shopping centers. We’re surrounded by food, but much of it is of the chain variety: Fleming’s, Houston’s, Johnny Rockets, Noah’s Bagels, Il Fornaio. […]

Special Event: Museum of Ice Cream

Every now and then, the boyfriend and I leave the confines of our neighborhood and venture out into other parts of the city that we rarely visit. This weekend, we scored tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream, that uber-hip pop-up super interactive art installation in DTLA. From the Insta-famous banana room and sprinkle pool, […]

Learning Kitchen: Cauliflower Breadsticks and Pizza

You know how you see all those low-carb recipes on Pinterest and other sites, where people take cauliflower and mix it with stuff to make bread-type things? In the interest of being a little healthier, we decided to give one of those recipes a go. I won’t say which one, because it didn’t work, but […]

Homegrown: Steak and Chard

We’ve been experimenting with growing things lately, making use of the long driveway that runs along our building, turning our walkway to our side stoop into a botanical Thunderdome. Growing most things from seeds, we’ve managed so far to have one salad made of mixed greens that never grew back. But last night, we took […]

Neighborhood Eats: Meat Date

The boyfriend and I have been mostly meat-free for a few weeks (broken up by breakfast tacos at Homestate), but there are times when the only thing that will make me feel better is meat. Cooked with fire. Spicy. Genwa, which fortunately/unfortunately is a stone’s throw from our house, is our go-to when we feel […]

Recreating the Recipe: Soy Ginger Fish Tacos

It’s not often that I find myself buying pre-marinated protein. Most marinades from stores have too much salt for my rather sensitive palate, and I’m wary of any protein that’s been sitting in a dubious mixture of sodium and sugar for days on end. However, Trader Joe’s has a few prepared and pre-prepped foods that […]

Recipe: Vegan Risotto

I’m sure you all can tell that I’m an omnivore. But there are times when I’m just not in the mood for meat – but that won’t stop my craving for hearty comfort food. Enter this vegan risotto. Traditional risotto has you using butter and garnishing with cheese, but I managed to create the same […]

Learning Kitchen: Gluten-Free Banana Bread

I know, I know. I can’t stop baking. All of my most recent posts are about me in the kitchen, but I finally have a good reason: gluten-free banana bread! It’s not that I’m actually gluten-free, but I’m surrounded by people who are, and I love learning new ways to make healthier treats for everyone. […]

Learning Kitchen: Panettone & Decorative Loaves

It’s not always a fail case when I bake bread, I swear. Case in point: the panettone and stollen I made this past holiday season. Practice makes perfect, so I’m going to start practicing for this year’s baking soon! My co-workers and loved ones were lucky last year: I made a few varieties, cranberry-pecan panettone, […]