Neighborhood Eats: Walk It Out

I know that there are a lot of people who live far from good restaurants, whether it’s because you’re in the suburbs or because you have a different idea of delicious from your immediate neighbors. When you travel to a new city, I think staying in an area that is rich with culinary opportunities is worth experiencing. Read below, and you’ll see why being able to walk to great food is so incredible.

We’re lucky to live right in the middle of Los Angeles, close enough to every part of this diverse city that we can hop in the car and find ourselves in the middle of a new adventure within 20 minutes. But sometimes, we want to stay closer to home – because close to home is a plethora of tasty goodies that we’d be crazy to miss out on!

All the foods here are walking distance from our neighborhood, within a couple miles. It’s easy to see why we love this city, and we definitely need to walk if we’re going to keep eating this well.

Jinya Ramen Bar

This might be a chain, but it’s also home to some of the most tender chashu pork I’ve ever had. The broth is rich and fatty, the noodles have just the right chewiness, and they never run out of fresh garlic!

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.53.42 PM
Ramen ’round the corner? All the yes.

Genwa Korean BBQ

Also a chain, but a chain in the very best way: providing customers consistently flavorful, high quality cuts of meat with bibimbap so good that every bowl ends up empty.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.53.17 PM
Americanized Korean BBQ never tasted so good. Especially when it comes with bibimbap!

Spare Tire

Lest you think it’s all-Asian, all the time, our favorite bar is a gastropub that Gayot says has one of the best burgers in the U.S. We’ve never had that famous burger, but I can tell you that the buffalo cauliflower is enormous in size and subtle in flavor, the roasted artichoke is decadent vegetarianism, and the pork belly lollipops are cravable.

Eating low carb never tasted so good! Clockwise: Buffalo cauliflower, pork belly lollipops, and roasted artichoke.


Known throughout Los Angeles as home to possibly the best fries in the city, it’s the simple yet modern bistro fare that drew us in. With crazy busy brunches and rarely any tables for dinner walk-ins, weekday lunches are my favorite way to get down with the goodness here. Healthy salads, unforgettable soups, and hefty sandwiches give way to decadent – if somewhat unstable – desserts, like the silky banana cream pie.

A well-balanced meal consists of veggies, protein, and…PIE.

One day, we’ll make it to La Brea Bakery for a pastry on our way to a matinee at the New Beverly, or go food truck hopping in front of LACMA, but right now, I’m going to walk past all of those places to burn off everything we’ve been eating for the past few months!


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