Homegrown: Steak and Chard

We’ve been experimenting with growing things lately, making use of the long driveway that runs along our building, turning our walkway to our side stoop into a botanical Thunderdome.

Growing most things from seeds, we’ve managed so far to have one salad made of mixed greens that never grew back. But last night, we took the plunge and harvested some chard, unsure if it’ll grow back or wither and die like our salad greens.

Even if the chard doesn’t come back, I’m pretty proud of what we’ve done. What started as a wooden box full of soil and seeds has yielded a couple really pretty plates of deliciousness.

Lettuce and chard at 1 month. We waited another six weeks before harvesting the chard. It was gigantic!

We trimmed the chard with sharp scissors, triple washed the leaves (I found a caterpillar, gross!), and then cooked the chard in peanut oil.

I’d already cooked the skirt steak in that pan, so the chard picked up the caramelized sugars and peppery flavor of the meat without needing additional seasoning.

Placed on a plate and garnished with a few drops of hot chili oil, our homegrown veggies were the perfect complement to the beef.

For the beef, I picked up some juicy, marbled Wagyu skirt steak from Lassen’s around the corner, and marinated it overnight in soy sauce, sesame oil, mirin, the juice of half a lemon, and a tablespoon of honey. Then I cooked it in a nonstick pan, no oil, on high heat; searing the meat for about two minutes on each side, then cooking it on medium flame, then resting it for five minutes before slicing across the grain kept it from getting tough.

Low-carb, totally organic, and super tasty. All dinners should be so simple and healthy.

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