Learning Kitchen: Cauliflower Breadsticks and Pizza

You know how you see all those low-carb recipes on Pinterest and other sites, where people take cauliflower and mix it with stuff to make bread-type things? In the interest of being a little healthier, we decided to give one of those recipes a go. I won’t say which one, because it didn’t work, but here’s a quick rundown:

1 egg
a mess of riced cauliflower
lots of cheese
cook on high heat until things start to brown

Very dry riced cauliflower with egg, herbs, seasoning, and an egg.
Herbs and cheese. Flavor and binding. That part totally works!

Sounds simple, right? Like, why isn’t everyone doing this?

I’ll tell you why: it does not work. Despite baking at 450F for 15-20 minutes, the bottom remained a bit soft, and the breadsticks flopped over when held in the air covered in sauce. And when I added sweet potato that had been riced and dry sautéed in a nonstick pan with literally nothing else in it, the pizza crust was mushy and moist on the bottom, despite having been baked without toppings first, then baked again after getting just the lightest adornment of sauce and cheese.

Sweet potato and cauliflower pizza crust, before the first bake. Looks promising, right?

The flavors were terrific – between the breadsticks and pizza, I used an entire 1/3 lb. of aged Irish cheddar, and a small bunch of fresh basil and parsley with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. The sauce was Trader Joe’s Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce (while I generally eschew jarred sauces, the boyfriend had this and I was out of Marzano tomatoes anyway). The cheese was hand-grated. The silicon baking mats were freshly washed and dried. There was literally no way this could have gone wrong except…it does not work.

Crispy brown edges, melted cheese, you’d think this was going to be really good. You’d be wrong.

So there you have it. I tried – once following the recipe exactly, and once trying to make it more stable – and there’s no way to make this work without the addition of some kind of flour-type substance. Maybe it’s almond or rice flour, maybe it’s sorghum or corn, but it’s definitely not just veggies, cheese, and eggs.

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  1. Minime

    Have you come across a cauliflower chocolate frosting recipe? I mean I’m all for dairy free substitutes, but on a chocolate cake? Intrigued?

    Now, what about those quinoa pizza crusts? Have u tried those?


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