Neighborhood Eats: Work Lunches – South Bay

I work at a production company located in the South Bay, just a few miles from the beach and on a stretch of a main street populated mostly by office buildings and shopping centers. We’re surrounded by food, but much of it is of the chain variety: Fleming’s, Houston’s, Johnny Rockets, Noah’s Bagels, Il Fornaio.

We prefer to patronize chains that focus on high quality ingredients, or family-owned establishments that support local residents. One of my new favorites is Jackson’s Food + Drink, from the couple behind long-standing community favorite Jackson’s Village Bistro in Hermosa Beach, just a few miles down the coast from here.

At this new location, the food on offer is comfortable but more interesting – raw fish bowls varying from ceviche to poke to sashimi salads, charred broccoli salad, filet mignon risotto, spinach flatbread with creme fraiche – with daily lunch specials that are affordable options. Situated in the same shopping center as a fancy Arclight Cinemas and a bustling indie salon group, Jackson’s Food + Drink has all the things a city dweller like me could want: free parking garage, pre-/post-food activities, and ample patio seating.

Avocado Toast with Turkey, subbing out basil pesto for Green Goddess dressing. Easily one of my favorite lunches.

We also really love Mendocino Farms, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with. Tasty dishes like prosciutto and chicken sandwiches, chicken-goat cheese-beet salads, balsamic-glazed steak and bacon sandwiches, curried couscous salads abound here. My favorite? The avocado toast – sans Green Goddess dressing because it has cashews and I’m allergic.

There are times when I really need a burger, and the girls at this office are happy to oblige when it’s Hopdoddy that I’m craving. There’s really nothing quite like a perfectly sized burger to lift the spirits, except maybe a super decadent milkshake…

The Magic Shroom burger: goat cheese and mushrooms and white onion and pesto, bun extra toasty. YESSSSSS.

One day, when we’re all in dire need of sushi, we’ll head further south for Izaka-Ya by Katsu-Ya. Until then, though, we’re going to become regulars at these yumtastic and convenient finds.

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