Learning Kitchen: Pecan Puffs

I should know by now to really think through Joy of Cooking recipes before I jump into them. Cookies are usually second nature to me, but my measurements with the Pecan Puffs recipe didn’t quite work out as expected, even though I thought I followed Irma Rombauer’s directions exactly. The recipe said something about making 40 or so cookies. I made…23.

Maybe I need a smaller ice cream scoop.

I measured, sifted, and ground everything as instructed. It didn’t seem like a lot, but I figured Irma knew what she was talking about.
Mixed and ready for scooping.

Despite my best efforts, I still ended up with fewer than the expected amount of cookies. And popping them back in the oven after coating didn’t glaze them as noted. Alas. More experimentation needed!

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