Taste of Home: Burger Day

Magneto texted me one day, suggesting he make burgers for dinner because it was Friday and we’d had a pretty stressful week. I enthusiastically agreed, pleased that I wouldn’t have to make any more decisions once I got home from work.

And then I had to make a decision.

My coworkers were having some serious burger cravings, and I figured I could probably find a salad, so I went with them to Hopdoddy, our favorite local burger joint.

Totally wrong. I’m sure Hopdoddy’s salads are delicious, since everything I’ve had there has been. But standing in line, smelling all the yummy burger aromas…well, I broke. I needed a burger. I couldn’t have a beef burger, though. And I figured a chicken or turkey patty was a little too similar. So I went with the ahi tuna burger, in a lettuce wrap, no less. As un-burger-like as possible. Yes!

Man, I wanted those fries in the background. But Magneto’s are better.

Topped with slices of nori that had been tempura-fried, plus sprouts, honey wasabi, onion, tomato, a touch of teriyaki sauce, pickled ginger, and tomato, this sandwich was a mouthful. I gave up trying to eat it like a sandwich, though, and ended up essentially turning it into a salad.

Well, my intentions bore themselves out after all, didn’t they?

Magneto ended up making a feast of burgers (see top photo). Mixed with garlic, chopped onions, and secret seasoning, he formed the burgers by making balls then smashing them down when they hit the griddle. He also toasted the buns and made some lettuce-wrapped ones because he knew I’d binge on his homemade steak fries, feel guilty, and need more veggies.

Is this one a keeper, or what?

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