Special Event: We’re Engaged!!

I’m going to make this a quick one, because the only thing about last night that was food-related was the above cupcakes from Sweet E’s in West Adams (I think I could’ve eaten three, though, so they’re crazy legit and post-worthy).

After a super fun and challenging escape room in which Magneto and I were actually Sherlock and Watson, chasing Jack the Ripper, we opened the final box with the last clue.

And then it happened: Magneto looked me in the eyes and proposed. It was so appropriately nerdy and adorable, and the world started spinning. Like, I kind of forgot how to form sentences.

In shock and crazy happy, we went back to the lobby of the escape room and he presented me with the delicious cupcakes above. Chocolate with vanilla buttercream, vanilla confetti, and cookie dough – all topped with themed, custom-printed discs that matched the escape room theme.

The night could not have been any more wonderful, thanks to the incredible hospitality of Maze Rooms LA, their fun and unique Jack the Ripper quest, and the crazy delicious cupcakes from Sweet E’s – and, of course, the ridiculously wonderful Magneto ❤

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