Neighborhood Eats: Chinese Takeout

There are some nights when Magneto and I simply cannot. Long work days, politics both in the office and in the world, friends and family things…I think everyone deserves a break from the kitchen every now and then. Enter: Chinese takeout.

Considering that we live in Los Angeles, it’s a little bizarre that there aren’t a bounty of places from which we can order any kind of delicious, reliable, fairly priced, and MSG-free Asian delivery. We’ve tried a bunch, and have finally found The One (for now).

I don’t know what the restaurant itself looks like, but I do know that Fortune House delivers some of the tastiest black pepper chicken around. I’m not usually a fan of crab rangoon, but these were light and airy, and perfect when dipped in the hot Chinese mustard. Maybe the orange chicken felt like it had been re-fried, and the egg rolls could have been a little less oily, but Magneto inhaled his Thai iced tea as quickly as the black pepper chicken over broccoli, so I think we got our money’s worth.


Next time, we’ll be going for the Kung Pao Chicken, beef with broccoli, and – wait for it – the XLB. Because, you know, I’m an addict when it comes to soup dumplings.

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