Neighborhood Eats: Animal, pt 1

Yes, I am most certainly breaking the Animal post into parts. There was too much food and too much fun to be distilled into one post. My parents came into town for a day this weekend, and we spent a few hours catching up and having a yumtastic brunch at Animal. My parents and I […]

Special Event: We Have Noodles @ Feastly

A few months ago, Magneto and I had a relatively free weekend, so we decided to try out a Feastly event with We Have Noodles chef Darren Sayphraraj and team. This event was hosted at Feastly’s Venice location, just a few blocks from the beach. Free-flowing mimosas and Bloody Marys made sure the atmosphere was […]

Chef’s Secrets: Too Much Chicken!

Magneto and I don’t entertain often, but I have a bad habit of cooking as though we’re having guests almost every time I step into the kitchen. This means we’re always left with WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. Either I learn how to cook for two, or I do what I do below: repurpose my leftovers […]

Recreating the Restaurant: Chicken Calzone

I love carbs more than any human ought to, so it should come as no surprise that I’m obsessed with pizzas and calzones. I recently had a very tasty calzone at Vinny’s Pizza near my office, and decided that making them at home would be pretty satisfying. This time, I was right! I filled mine […]

Chef’s Secrets: Cooking for a Crowd

Magneto and I have a comfortable home, with plenty of space for each of us. We’ve worked really hard to pull together a variety of elements to create rooms that are functional, thematic, and appealing. But when other people come to visit…well, let’s just say I feel some anxiety because I worry they won’t feel […]

Learning Kitchen: Pecan Puffs

I should know by now to really think through Joy of Cooking recipes before I jump into them. Cookies are usually second nature to me, but my measurements with the Pecan Puffs recipe didn’t quite work out as expected, even though I thought I followed Irma Rombauer’s directions exactly. The recipe said something about making […]

Special Event: Scum & Villainy Cantina

You might not know this about me, but I’m a giant nerd. Luckily, so is Magneto (hello, I call him an X-Men name, clearly this is a thing). So last night, we went out for the awesomely fun pop-up bar event called Scum and Villainy at the former Loaded space on Hollywood Blvd. Based on […]

Neighborhood Eats: Nonna’s Empandas

On a bright, sunny day, there’s nothing like getting out and exploring your neighborhood – especially when your neighborhood is Los Angeles! We love going to the Farmers Market, that historic area full of food vendors and tiny shops. My favorite stop there, aside from lunch at Monsieur Marcel, is Nonna’s. This time, we sampled […]

Chef’s Secrets: Oven-Baked Ribs

I know, there’s no substitute for smoked ribs, cooked low and slow for hours, then finished on a hot grill for some yummy char. But I’ve been in enough kitchens to have picked up some secrets about how restaurants without a grill (but with standards high enough to warrant cooking meat in the most legit […]

Learning Kitchen: Mashed Potato Waffles

Did you make enough mashed potatoes to feed dozens of people, only to be faced with a handful of friends who stopped eating carbs so they could drink them instead? Yes, this oddly specific situation has happened to me. I live in Los Angeles. Anyway… If you’re looking to repurpose your mashers and it’s too […]