Neighborhood Eats: More South Bay Lunching

I normally crave lunch from either end of the health spectrum – never in the middle. So when the ladies here start talking about lunch, I tend to waffle in my decision-making. Do I say we should eat healthy? Or should I give in to what everyone secretly wants and say burgers?

Sometimes I accede to the crowd and we end up somewhere healthy, despite my unhealthy cravings. When that happens, I end up at Veggie Grill with an incredibly tasty and only vaguely unhealthy chickin’ salad. Full of quinoa, greens, veggies, nuts, and topped with a side of chickin’, this salad totally fills me up. The one below actually took me three hours to eat because I was working and wanted to make the savory deliciousness last as long as possible.

This counts as kind of healthy, right? Quinoa Power!!

Other times, though, I follow my cravings and convince everyone else to go along with their base instincts. This is when we end up at Habit Burger, showing down on all manner of naughty treats (see top photo). My charburger and tempura green beans made me feel like I was kind of getting my veggies by having the beans as my side, while the others had veggie burgers and oh-so-decadent fries.

The best part about working in the South Bay is that we have a plethora of choices when it comes to lunch. I just wish they were all walking distance to avoid the crazy heavy traffic.


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