Traveling Circus: Cooking Dinner for Six – Starters

On our final night in Calistoga, we decided to have a home-cooked meal in our adorable little Victorian house. Armed with the wine my parents brought up from Silicon Valley, as well as my dad’s heirloom tomato gazpacho, Magneto and I set about gathering the rest of the ingredients for our blowout feast.

We kept the starters simple: a cheese plate, some caprese, and the gazpacho right at seating.

Because we weren’t cooking anything for our starters, prep was super easy. Chop some tomatoes and basil, drop chunks of burrata into that, then finish with salt, pepper, and olive oil. The cheese (Brillat-Savarin, aged gouda, and something else), crackers, and grapes went onto a platter, and off we went to the backyard for some serious chill time while the dads grilled the meats.


Just before we dug into the mains, we each had a bowl of gazpacho. My dad used tomatoes so pale they were almost white, along with an orange bell pepper to give this chilled soup some color.


It was just the right transition between salty cheese and herbaceous caprese, cleansing the palate and preparing us for the goodness to come…

…which you will get to see next week! 🙂

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