Neighborhood Eats: Spare Tire Shenanigans

Magneto and I have become regulars at the gastropub down the street, their Southern Fried Chicken sandwich and our favorite bartender being the main reasons. We found ourselves there recently, and it was everything we needed in that moment.

We started with the Irish Nachos (top photo), a glorious old standard from our fat days of eating all the things all the time. Smothered in black bean puree, crema, guacamole, and fresh jalapeños, this brought back fond memories of our first few times here.

Nothing says comfort food like a fried chicken sandwich.

He ordered his usual – the Southern Fried Chicken sandwich – and was not disappointed. Something in their Louisiana slaw brightens up the whole thing and makes for an addictive sandwich. If ever there was a fried chicken dish I should learn to replicate, it’s this one.

Even during my cheat week, I’m making healthier choices. What is happening to me? This one, though: #worthit

I tried something new, the Turkey Burger. I know, you’re probably thinking that’s not very interesting. But the manchego cheese and garlic aioli combine with the pretzel roll to create a most unusual and delicious flavor combination that had me wishing for a larger stomach capacity so I could eat even more.

This is probably our last hurrah at Spare Tire for a little while, as Magneto and I are embarking on a new food journey of meal prep and from-scratch cooking. But rest assured, we’ll be trying to make these and other restaurant favorites at home soon!

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