Learning Kitchen: Meal Prep/Planning – Chicken Breasts

I couldn’t bear to have more chili last night, and so it was a good thing that I’d planned ahead by marinating some chicken while I was work. Using a cup of coconut water and two tablespoons of hot sauce (The Pepper Plant’s California Style Hot Sauce, to be specific), my boneless, skinless organic chicken breast turned out terrific.

I just cooked it in a pre-heated nonstick pan until firm and 175F, let it rest, the sliced it to serve over wilted red and Napa cabbage with shredded carrots (thanks, Trader Joe’s!).



I reduced the leftover marinade in the same pan, scraping up the crunchy bits, until the sauce came to a boil and thickened a bit. Then I strained it through cheesecloth (because who wants burned bits and excess proteins floating around?). I drizzled less than 1 teaspoon across the dish, garnished with the tiniest bits of raw broccoli, and voila!


At just 310 calories, this was the perfect end-of-day meal on a night when I knew I’d be working through my yoga hour.

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