Neighborhood Eats: Sushi in the South Bay

Every now and then, the crew here at the office gets together for lunch – mostly in parts, never as a whole. Today, though, we were all present for once, so our boss lady decided to take us out for a proper team lunch.

We have a lot of different food needs in this group: I’m allergic to olives, another is allergic to gluten, another is vegan, and yet another is afraid of carbs. It’s not like we can grab some pizza, and the nicer chain steakhouses are out of our allowable expense guidelines, so….

Sushi! Vegan, rice-free, and gluten-free options abound at Fusion Sushi in Manhattan Beach, and it’s just a few minutes from our office.

I had to surreptitiously take photos of my food so as to avoid ridicule, but after skipping the rice and eating just three edamame pods, the fish, and the dressing-free half of the salad greens, my lunch was a mere 245 calories. With three glasses of water, I’d say this was a pretty successful lunch.


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