Neighborhood Eats: Monsieur Marcel with Heather


Mostly. I shot all day on Saturday, but limited myself to the healthiest choices (veggie wrapped veggies and water) and alllll the activity, so Sunday’s Cheat Day was well-earned. And since our friend Rogue was in town, Magneto and I figured we might as well make the most of it and give her an excellent food adventure.

To the Farmer’s Market, of course!

This time, our cheese and meats board consisted of a selection of Italian treats: parma di prosciutto, bresaola, taleggio, truffle cheese, and a hard, crumbly cheese that tasted like a cross between extra sharp cheddar and parmesan.


Magneto and I, after much indecision, went with our usual: splitting the quiche lorraine with salad (top photo) and the spinach quiche with breakfast potatoes.


Rogue, living up to her name, went the seafood route with the smoked salmon benedict on croissant.


While Magneto and I were predictably pleased with our choices, Rogue said her salmon was a bit too strongly-flavored, but the other components were delicious.

As this was the tail-end of a weekend, and Magneto and I are wracked with guilt every time we indulge, we skipped the rosé and desserts. However, I am definitely not going to even think about the calorie count for that meal!


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