Homegrown: Beans, Peas, and Chard

We still don’t know what we’re doing with this garden, but we’ve kind of had a breakthrough: we went from a few chard leaves to about half a pound of assorted string beans, wax beans, and snap peas, plus an edible flower and some chard. Our tomato and pepper plants are flowering, and our sage this thriving.


I harvested some of the goodies, and when I finally got around to cooking them up, the produced fantastic results.

Since we’re being pretty healthy, I seasoned a boneless, skinless chicken breast with salt and pepper and herbs de provence. Then I seared it in a pan that had some leftover butter from Magneto’s eggs, cooking it through on low once I got a nice crust.


Once the chicken was mostly done (just under 170F), I pulled it and covered with the lid of a pan. I used what the remainder of cooking juices and butter, added a splash of lemon juice, and cooked the veggies just until the beans and pea pods softened.


For a little less than 300 calories, including the butter, this was a hearty and satisfying meal that made use of our garden’s bounty. Magneto noted that the veggies tasted totally different from store-bought, with more intense flavors and sweetness. Organic gardening FTW!

If I’d used coconut oil instead of butter, this meal would even have been paleo – mental note for next time!

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