Learning Kitchen: Singaporean Noodles

I have all these dishes in my head, things from my past, things I’ve dreamt about… But I don’t have recipes for any of them. So, here we are in the learning kitchen, trying to figure it all out.

This time, it was the Singaporean noodles I first had at a random Howard Johnson’s in Boston. It had been turned into a dorm to handle the overflow of freshmen one year, and I tried this dish in their restaurant before they shut it down. Curry-tinged glass noodles, lightly spiced chicken, sweet onions, a touch of ginger, and some dried shrimp adorned the plate. But since Magneto doesn’t do seafood, and I was in need to a meatless evening, I adjusted the combination for this trial.

It was spicy enough after the addition of Bee Sting (honey + sriracha sauce), though we think I could’ve added some shredded carrots for more earthy sweetness. Overall, though, pretty tasty – and only 184 calories!


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