Neighborhood Eats: Sake House Miro

I can’t help it. I love our neighborhood and almost everything about it (let’s not talk about the Metro station build). So when Magneto and I wanted a drink and some dinner last night, we knew we’d have just as much fun and eat just as well at someplace walking distance, compared to having to take a car somewhere.

Since we’re surrounded by a cornucopia of interesting food, it only seemed logical that we’d finally get to our local sake joint for dinner. Sake House Miro is like a trip straight into old school Roppongi, with its vintage Japanese posters (Godzilla and everything!), giant pink pay phone, and Star Wars video game machine. As soon as we walked in, we knew that this would become a regular spot for us.

I know, I know. Magneto doesn’t eat sushi, so why would I take him to a sushi place? Because they also have tasty skewers, udon, and appetizers, that’s why.

Our various, mostly shared plates showed off this restaurant’s diversity in menu, with a focus on food that pairs great with the sake and beer they have on offer.



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