Chef’s Secrets: Soy-Glazed Baked Wings

We’re kind of obsessed with comfort food right now, with the seasons changing and the weather getting chilly. That means, of course, finding ways to indulge without breaking the piggy bank – or the calorie budget. Re-purposing leftovers is one of the smartest ways to eat like royalty on a shoestring budget, and the secret to avoiding food waste!

Using the leftover sauce created from roasting the chashu pork for ramen the other week, I coated wings that had been first par-boiled then baked a la the crack wings recipe from last month. Combining the method of that meal with the flavors of another, so utilizing leftovers in a new way, made for a hearty, tasty dinner that we enjoyed with some ginger-garlic steamed brown rice. So satisfying, and what an easy weeknight dinner!

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