Ladies Who Film – Ep. 12 – Jan. 7, 2016

EGO. Sometimes the biggest issue in a project is the size of someone’s ego. It can get in the way of forward motion, which can cause a project to fail. So maybe let’s put our egos aside and work toward the good of our projects instead of allowing our own feelings to hinder progress. ps […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 11 – Dec. 30, 2015

LESSONS LEARNED. As 2015 comes to a close, let’s think about the things that happened and learn what we can from the successes and the failures. Happy New Year, my lovelies. You and I are going to make 2016 magical!

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 10 – Dec. 23, 2015

CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC. I know, I sound all jaded and angsty when I say that you shouldn’t just run into a situation with your entire self fully invested and your whole soul poured into it. Here’s the thing, though: things fall apart all the time, sometimes before they get started, sometimes in the middle of things, sometimes […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 9 – Dec. 16, 2015

ART! It is becoming exceedingly difficult to make money as an independent filmmaker and content creator. Major studios make movies with nine-digit budgets. I make movies with a minor fraction of that amount. But I can tell you this: aside from nerd favorites like things from the MCU and certain Star things, there aren’t a whole […]

Ladies Who film – Ep. 8 – Dec. 9, 2015

RESPECT. Here’s the thing: I am totally not cool with not being taken seriously by others simply because I happen to be a woman. This has been bothering me a lot lately, and I think we needed a reminder that this issue hasn’t gone away just because now we have Jessica Jones. Truthfully, I’m a […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 7 – Dec. 4, 2015

STAY IN YOUR LANE. Or, at least, learn how to do the thing you’re trying to get hired to do instead of the thing you actually do. Listen, we all have dreams. I dream of making a film that gets critical acclaim, is screened numerous times per day in multiplexes around the world, makes tons […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 6 – Nov. 24, 2015

BOUNDARIES. I know, I’m the girl who’s always working, always too busy to hang out with my friends. But I’m also the girl who takes weekends off from the entire world to do only the things I want, and that’s why I’m happier and better at work than I have been in years. From someone […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 4 – Nov. 11, 2015

GO TEAM! The ladies in this picture made the dinner on the table in front of us, and we did it as a team. If the four of us – who are spread across three countries and two continents – can come together after years apart and make tasty magic, then surely people who are […]

Ladies Who Film Ep. 3 – Oct 19, 2015

This past week has brought me to tears – tears of joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be a producer. So thank you to everyone I’ve ever worked with. Thank you to everyone who supports the projects I’ve been involved with. And thank you to everyone who makes art for giving me the courage […]

Ladies Who Film Ep. 2 – Sept 11, 2015

Guys! I’m on my way with Misty and her bf Steven to go to Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival. We banged out a quick podcast just now because I told you I’d stop talking to myself with this thing 😉 Also, she’s a budding female filmmaker whose voice should be heard…