Learning Kitchen: Meal Prep/Planning – Korean BBQ

Part of the idea behind eating healthy is making our own food, but it’s also a lot about eating food that is good for us. While red meat isn’t equivalent to fish or chicken in terms of healthfulness, it’s a lot better than bacon and hot dogs. Korean BBQ is a favorite meal with us, […]

Learning Kitchen: Meal Prep/Planning – Asian Tofu Stew

We’re back on it now that the Labor Day weekend has passed (which was full of near-gluttony not chronicled here), which means that it’s all about making as much of our food from scratch as possible, and trying really hard not to make/eat stuff that’s fried or otherwise bad for us. This week, it’s all […]

Taste of Home: XLB, aka Soup Dumplings

When I was little, my parents weren’t shy about taking me to restaurants with them. I guess I was mostly a well-behaved kid, preferring to doodle or nap or watch people rather than cause a ruckus. Because of that, I got to experience a wider variety of foods than my peers. While other families spent […]

Homegrown: Beans, Peas, and Chard

We still don’t know what we’re doing with this garden, but we’ve kind of had a breakthrough: we went from a few chard leaves to about half a pound of assorted string beans, wax beans, and snap peas, plus an edible flower and some chard. Our tomato and pepper plants are flowering, and our sage […]

Neighborhood Eats: South Bay Lunch Fail #1

We try to get out of our comfort zone whenever we can for lunch, seeing as one can only have so many Bristol Farms sandwiches and Whole Foods salad bar tubs before feeling as though life exists only in offices and grocery stores. But this time, when we ventured far and wide, we came up […]

Neighborhood Eats: Commerson

Right before we started this whole healthy eating thing, Magneto and I took a walk down the block to a new restaurant that I’d been dying to try. After reading great writeups and seeing what appeared to be a packed soft opening, I had confidence that Commerson would be a new favorite neighborhood hang, despite […]

Traveling Circus: First Timers

This past weekend was a weekend of firsts, and I have photographic proof all of it was awesome. On Saturday, I went into the hills of Azusa and shot the very first scene of a short film I’ve been working on for the past couple years. We finally made use of our crowdfunding and shot […]

Learning Kitchen: Meal Prep/Planning – Stuffed Peppers

Magneto has a few really solid recipes up his sleeve, and when he breaks them out, it’s usually cause for celebration. Last week, because Rogue was staying with us, he made his super yumtastic stuffed peppers – a first for both Rogue and me, and well within the calorie budget Magneto and I are on. […]

Neighborhood Eats: Monsieur Marcel with Heather

CHEAT DAY! Mostly. I shot all day on Saturday, but limited myself to the healthiest choices (veggie wrapped veggies and water) and alllll the activity, so Sunday’s Cheat Day was well-earned. And since our friend Rogue was in town, Magneto and I figured we might as well make the most of it and give her […]