Recreating the Restaurant: Chicken Calzone

I love carbs more than any human ought to, so it should come as no surprise that I’m obsessed with pizzas and calzones. I recently had a very tasty calzone at Vinny’s Pizza near my office, and decided that making them at home would be pretty satisfying. This time, I was right! I filled mine […]

Learning Kitchen: Pecan Puffs

I should know by now to really think through Joy of Cooking recipes before I jump into them. Cookies are usually second nature to me, but my measurements with the Pecan Puffs recipe didn’t quite work out as expected, even though I thought I followed Irma Rombauer’s directions exactly. The recipe said something about making […]

Learning Kitchen: Gluten-Free Banana Bread

I know, I know. I can’t stop baking. All of my most recent posts are about me in the kitchen, but I finally have a good reason: gluten-free banana bread! It’s not that I’m actually gluten-free, but I’m surrounded by people who are, and I love learning new ways to make healthier treats for everyone. […]

Learning Kitchen: Panettone & Decorative Loaves

It’s not always a fail case when I bake bread, I swear. Case in point: the panettone and stollen I made this past holiday season. Practice makes perfect, so I’m going to start practicing for this year’s baking soon! My co-workers and loved ones were lucky last year: I made a few varieties, cranberry-pecan panettone, […]

Learning Kitchen: Pretzel Fails

I rely on my trusty Joy of Cooking cookbook more than any other in my collection. While some of the recipes could do with healthier alternatives, it’s chock full of the basic knowledge and methods that one needs to create. Sometimes, though, things go sideways… I tried my best to follow exactly the recipe and […]

Recipe: Snickerdoodles

I tend to make treats to bring to work for birthdays, celebrations, to reward people for doing well on a shoot, or when we’ve all had a rough week and I think we need a little pick-me-up. After the hiccups I encountered making these, though, I’m pretty sure I can be excused for having a […]