Special Event: LP & EP (& Footloose) – Rooftop Cinema

Screenings of classic movies are becoming quite popular here, especially now that people are moving from the grassy but creepy setting of Hollywood Forever Cemetery and on to airy and inviting rooftop spaces like those in DTLA, Hollywood, and (now) Melrose. This week, Magneto and I went to the Melrose Rooftop Cinema¬†for Kevin Bacon’s breakout […]

Neighborhood Eats: Spare Tire Shenanigans

Magneto and I have become regulars at the gastropub down the street, their Southern Fried Chicken sandwich and our favorite bartender being the main reasons. We found ourselves there recently, and it was everything we needed in that moment. We started with the Irish Nachos (top photo), a glorious old standard from our fat days […]

Taste of Home: Mercado Hollywood

A very long time ago, when Magneto was still living in the Hollywood Hills, he took me to his favorite Mexican restaurant. We feasted and drank with abandon. One of my favorite dishes from the night was the Dos Gringas, bringing back memories of grabbing a quick bite with my parents at the local taco […]

Special Event: Scum & Villainy Cantina

You might not know this about me, but I’m a giant nerd. Luckily, so is Magneto (hello, I call him an X-Men name, clearly this is a thing). So last night, we went out for the awesomely fun pop-up bar event called Scum and Villainy at the former Loaded space on Hollywood Blvd. Based on […]

Neighborhood Eats: Meat Date

The boyfriend and I have been mostly meat-free for a few weeks (broken up by breakfast tacos at Homestate), but there are times when the only thing that will make me feel better is meat. Cooked with fire. Spicy. Genwa, which fortunately/unfortunately is a stone’s throw from our house, is our go-to when we feel […]