Ladies Who Film – Ep. 14 – Jan. 20, 2016

FREELANCE. There is nothing quite like knowing that you can choose to work only on the projects you believe in, or want to work on, or care about. That kind of freedom is invaluable. But with that freedom comes the harsh reality that there will be many, many months full of work but zero pay. […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 12 – Jan. 7, 2016

EGO. Sometimes the biggest issue in a project is the size of someone’s ego. It can get in the way of forward motion, which can cause a project to fail. So maybe let’s put our egos aside and work toward the good of our projects instead of allowing our own feelings to hinder progress. ps […]

Ladies Who Film – Ep. 6 – Nov. 24, 2015

BOUNDARIES. I know, I’m the girl who’s always working, always too busy to hang out with my friends. But I’m also the girl who takes weekends off from the entire world to do only the things I want, and that’s why I’m happier and better at work than I have been in years. From someone […]