Neighborhood Eats: Sake House Miro

I can’t help it. I love our neighborhood and almost everything about it (let’s not talk about the Metro station build). So when Magneto and I wanted a drink and some dinner last night, we knew we’d have just as much fun and eat just as well at someplace walking distance, compared to having to […]

Neighborhood Eats: Chinese Takeout

There are some nights when Magneto and I simply cannot. Long work days, politics both in the office and in the world, friends and family things…I think everyone deserves a break from the kitchen every now and then. Enter: Chinese takeout. Considering that we live in Los Angeles, it’s a little bizarre that there aren’t […]

Special Event: Rooftop Cinema Club

Los Angeles is a city for cinephiles. Almost any given night of the week, you’ll find a theater showing a classic film, and last night was no exception – only this time, instead of a theater, it was the Montalban on Vine. This event run by Rooftop Cinema Club is unsurpassed for its comfortable lounge […]

Neighborhood Eats: Walk It Out

I know that there are a lot of people who live far from good restaurants, whether it’s because you’re in the suburbs or because you have a different idea of delicious from your immediate neighbors. When you travel to a new city, I think staying in an area that is rich with culinary opportunities is […]

Chef’s Secrets – In the Kitchen

The very first time I went to a Feastly event, I was there helping an old high school buddy at his pop-up. It was one the first times Feastly (first time?) Feastly had used the DTLA loft, and the first time my pal held a Feastly event in Los Angeles. It was also the first […]

…and I’m back.

So this is the new Kung Pao Kimmie: mostly food, maybe a lot of drinks, the occasional side trip into adventure, but 100% fun.

Chatter – Ep. 24, pt. 1 – Mar. 26, 2016

TAKING THE RISK.     I met a kid the other day who moved out here from NYC a month ago. He doesn’t know a soul out here except the people at the job he moved here for, and he left the dude┬áhe’d been seeing, and I applaud him for making the move. But here’s […]