Special Event: LP & EP (& Footloose) – Rooftop Cinema

Screenings of classic movies are becoming quite popular here, especially now that people are moving from the grassy but creepy setting of Hollywood Forever Cemetery and on to airy and inviting rooftop spaces like those in DTLA, Hollywood, and (now) Melrose. This week, Magneto and I went to the Melrose Rooftop Cinema¬†for Kevin Bacon’s breakout […]

Traveling Circus: Cooking Dinner for Six – Proteins

Magneto and I brought up a rack of baby back ribs from Los Angeles, knowing that between six people, we’d best have two proteins to make sure everyone would have their fill without running out of anything. Because our house had a big grill out back, we decided to have two meats: ribs and tri […]

Chef’s Secrets: Oven-Baked Ribs

I know, there’s no substitute for smoked ribs, cooked low and slow for hours, then finished on a hot grill for some yummy char. But I’ve been in enough kitchens to have picked up some secrets about how restaurants without a grill (but with standards high enough to warrant cooking meat in the most legit […]