Ladies Who Film – Ep. 27 – Apr. 20, 2016


I was having an online discussion last week, about how I’ve been told to dress more conservatively for certain meetings because I need to be taken more seriously.

I’m fairly certain the length of my skirt has nothing to do with the functionality of my brain, and my friend Larissa agrees.

So here we are – Larissa on the phone and me on the mic, totally uncensored and full of the odd blips that happen with call-ins, talking for three hours about the injustice of it all, as well as writing, creating, and life.

The name of this podcast is graciously loaned to us by my friend Becca, who is one of the funniest women I know.

Take a listen, because it’s important to remember that YOU are not responsible for someone else’s inability to handle their reactions to being around other humans.


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