Neighborhood Eats: Commerson

Right before we started this whole healthy eating thing, Magneto and I took a walk down the block to a new restaurant that I’d been dying to try. After reading great writeups and seeing what appeared to be a packed soft opening, I had confidence that Commerson would be a new favorite neighborhood hang, despite […]

Traveling Circus: First Timers

This past weekend was a weekend of firsts, and I have photographic proof all of it was awesome. On Saturday, I went into the hills of Azusa and shot the very first scene of a short film I’ve been working on for the past couple years. We finally made use of our crowdfunding and shot […]

Learning Kitchen: Meal Prep/Planning – Stuffed Peppers

Magneto has a few really solid recipes up his sleeve, and when he breaks them out, it’s usually cause for celebration. Last week, because Rogue was staying with us, he made his super yumtastic stuffed peppers – a first for both Rogue and me, and well within the calorie budget Magneto and I are on. […]

Neighborhood Eats: Monsieur Marcel with Heather

CHEAT DAY! Mostly. I shot all day on Saturday, but limited myself to the healthiest choices (veggie wrapped veggies and water) and alllll the activity, so Sunday’s Cheat Day was well-earned. And since our friend Rogue was in town, Magneto and I figured we might as well make the most of it and give her […]

Learning Kitchen: Meal Prep/Planning – Greek Chicken Dinner

I don’t know how it happened, but we’ve pretty much stopped eating things with gluten. It wasn’t intentional, but somewhere between using My Fitness Pal and deciding to make as much as we can by scratch, we’ve ended up learning how to eat without bread. Last night was no exception: Greek chicken, homemade hummus, and […]

Neighborhood Eats: Sushi in the South Bay

Every now and then, the crew here at the office gets together for lunch – mostly in parts, never as a whole. Today, though, we were all present for once, so our boss lady decided to take us out for a proper team lunch. We have a lot of different food needs in this group: […]

Learning Kitchen: Meal Prep/Planning – Tofu Fried Rice

Yesterday’s lunch of vegan chili was spicy, so I wanted a dinner that was a little milder on the palate. Tofu to the rescue! I’m trying really hard to be more mindful of what goes into our food, right down to the frozen ingredients. So while I opted for white rice as a means of […]

Learning Kitchen: Meal Prep/Planning – Chicken Breasts

I couldn’t bear to have more chili last night, and so it was a good thing that I’d planned ahead by marinating some chicken while I was work. Using a cup of coconut water and two tablespoons of hot sauce (The Pepper Plant’s California Style Hot Sauce, to be specific), my boneless, skinless organic chicken […]

Learning Kitchen: Meal Planning/Prep – Chili Week

Deep breath. Okay. This is fine. We’ve decided to be healthier by cutting out processed foods as much as possible, and by making as many meals as we can by scratch (excepting one cheat day per week because I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT RESTAURANT FOOD). What does this mean? It means that, in order to live […]

Neighborhood Eats: Spare Tire Shenanigans

Magneto and I have become regulars at the gastropub down the street, their Southern Fried Chicken sandwich and our favorite bartender being the main reasons. We found ourselves there recently, and it was everything we needed in that moment. We started with the Irish Nachos (top photo), a glorious old standard from our fat days […]