As Seen on Facebook: Breakfast Bread Bowls

We’ve all seen them. They’re ubiquitous. Everyone has at least one friend who reposts those highly addictive, incredibly hypnotic food videos – whether they’re Tasty, Tastemade, Eat This Now, or any number of similar, we see them every day.

Tasty’s Breakfast Bread Bowl caught my boyfriend’s eye, so we set to work building our own one weekend morning. Instead of proper boule (Trader Joe’s didn’t have any that day), we used large ciabatta rolls.

Clockwise from left: Breakfast pizza style topped with cheese, proper breakfast with vegan sausage and vegan bacon, pizza supreme style (tomato sauce, no egg), and big boy breakfast with two eggs.

After hollowing out the middles, we brushed the insides with olive oil and lined them with cheese. Then we added our ingredients in different variations: tomato sauce, veggies, basil, vegan breakfast sausage, vegan bacon, eggs, parmesan shards.

Baked at 350F for about 20 minutes, these babies came out toasty, golden, and delicious. I think having two eggs in one might have been a bit much, but aside from that, we’re quite pleased with how they turned out.

Pizza supreme! Cheese, sauce, veggies, vegan sausage, vegan bacon, more cheese, and basil. I could eat this every day.

Maybe those videos aren’t just for entertainment after all…

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