Neighborhood Eats: Sushi in the South Bay @ Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya

An old pal from Boston is in town this weekend, and we met up for lunch at my favorite sushi place in the South Bay: Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya. This tiny space fills up almost as soon as they open their doors, owing to their incredible Early Bird Special, a rotating list of awesome combos that changes daily, on offer for under $10 each.

My friend arrived after the Early Bird Special ended, but we managed to feast regardless.

Since I skipped the rice that came with the lunch box set and didn’t eat much of the starters, I got away with less than 600 calories for this fantastically tasty meal.

The ever-present edamame.
Super thin slices of kiwi topped with equally thin slices of scallop in a lightly acidic, salty sauce. So fresh!
Crispy salmon skin salad – ponzu dressing tied it all together.
The salmon and tempura lunch box set. Tuna roll, mixed tempura, salmon filet, green beans, and salmon bites with miso soup and salad. So filling!


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