Special Event: Museum of Ice Cream

Every now and then, the boyfriend and I leave the confines of our neighborhood and venture out into other parts of the city that we rarely visit. This weekend, we scored tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream, that uber-hip pop-up super interactive art installation in DTLA.

Tastes like cookies and cream, feels like cookie dough, colored with activated charcoal. The perfect combination!

From the Insta-famous banana room and sprinkle pool, to the more unusual black ice cream room and melted popsicle room, moving through this one-way collection of exhibits is an experience actually enhanced by the kids running around and tourists taking selfies every three steps. It forces you to stop and really look at everything around you, making even the fastest trip through all 10 rooms feel significant.

The mint room, where my boyfriend had to stop himself from pruning the plants – and I scarfed down mint chocolate chip mochi.

Tickets are $29 per adult, so def not cheap, but totally worth it. Chocolates, perfectly sized little scoops of ice cream from Salt and Straw, mint chocolate chip mochi, charcoal-enhanced cookie dough, and frozen custard-pink pancake ice cream sandwiches combined to make for the sweetest meal I’ve ever had. More, please!

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